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Ewelina Jankowska – M.Sc. Architect, graduate of the Faculty of Architecture, Poznan University of Technology. Member of the Associations of Polish Architects SARP and the Association of Interior Designers SAW, lead architect and founder of EV Architects.

EV Architects, founded in 2005 under the name Ipnotic Architecture by Ewelina Jankowska, is a team of close-knit, creative people who for more than fifteen years, through the creation of coherent and timeless architecture, have been trying to respond to the various needs of Investors.
The studio’s goal is to design architecture as comprehensive as possible, so in addition to architectural projects, it is involved in interior design.

In the process of creating a project, the most important thing for EV Architects is the dialogue with the client, where by learning about their needs, they are able to create a building that is harmonious, unique, and at the same time meets the established requirements. It is important to put the object into context – urban space, greenery, or specific lighting. Caring for a clear functional layout, corresponding with construction, as well as good proportions, achieving consistency of form and properly selected materials are key principles for designers in the creative process. EV Architects carries out architectural projects of single-family houses, multi-family houses, public buildings and revitalization as well as residential, office, commercial and service interiors.

EV Architects’ continuous cooperation with professional studios allows the company to provide professional services for investments both in Poznan and throughout Poland. The studio’s ideal is a project closely tailored to the needs, requirements and financial capabilities of the client, which at the same time refers to what is timeless.