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EV architects was founded under the former name – Ipnotic Architecture – by Ewelina Jankowska in 2005. The studio is created by the team of the close-knit and creative people, who have been living up to making a consistent and timeless architecture for over a dozen years.

Our goal is creation the architecture as much comprehensive as possible. Therefore, we are designing both exterior and interior.

Projects, which we are presenting on the site, are selected. They ought to disclose all building’s typologies, on which we were working.

The dialogue with the customer is the one of the most important element of our design process. We are able to create harmonious, unique structure as a consequence of the answer to the client’s needs.

First, we analyse the history of the area, urban space, existing greenery and lighting conditions. We come up with inputing the project into the context, which is the essential base for the project. Next, we focus on the clear plan, logical contruction and good proportions. The idea is to achieve the form, which is coherent with properly selected materials.

We undertake the implementation of single /multi-family housing, office /public buildings and revitalizations. We carry out conceptual projects, design development and multi-branch construction design. We design residential, office, commercial and service interiors.

The highest level of the architectural aesthetic is distinctively important for our sensitivity. Exterior design should infiltrate the interior and vice-versa.

Longstanding cooperation with the contractors allows us to provide professional services specifically in Poznań, as well in Poland.

We are particular about the dialogue on every project phase, from the concept to design development. The ideal, which we would like to aim, is the adjusted project to the needs, requirements and financial capability of the client, which refers to everything what is ageless.